​ Another Reason to Incorporate a ColdCore Suit into Your Workout

  • Studies have shown that, if left alone, the body's reaction to the microtears caused by your hard workout can result in delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).  This is the pain and muscle fatigue most athletes have become accustomed to experiencing within 24-48 hours after a strenuous workout.  DOMS is a painful side effect that can, at best, disrupt a training schedule or, at worst, impact your daily routine, making lifting a child or taking the stairs strenuous tasks.

​ Additional Uses for a Cold Core Suit

  • Cold therapy has long been considered an effective treatment for the pain and inflammation associated with acute injuries such as sprains, strains, bruises and tendonitis.  Cold therapy has also proven helpful in the managing of discomfort with overuse injuries such as iliotibial band syndrome, patellofemoral pain syndrome, and shin splints.  

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 Technically speaking...

​ The Metabolic Response

  • In response to muscular injury, extra blood is shunted to the affected muscle, bringing with it inflammation and heat.  Increased blood flow results in swelling, pain, and discomfort.

​ The Immediate Benefits of Cold Therapy

  • Applying cold therapy to the inflamed region locally slows metabolic activity and decreases blood flow through vasoconstriction.  Cold therapy thereby decreases swelling and the sensation of pain.

 The Mechanics Behind a Good Workout

  • Athletes of all levels strive to become stronger, build endurance, increase speed, and improve agility.  In order to create change, we push our bodies to new limits.  Straining to lift heavier weight, kicking up the pace, or exercising for longer sessions, means calling upon muscles to stretch further, contract more forcefully, or endure longer periods of activation. These stressors result in microscopic tears in muscle tissue.  These tears are ultimately beneficial and allow for new growth, but the body initially regards this insult as injury.

The mobile, hassle-free ice ba​th.

 How to Cold Core?

  1. Place the Cold Core Suit in the freezer overnight.
  2. Train, work out, or race.
  3. ​Come home, put on your Cold Core Suit and begin to feel the relief.
  4. Repeat.

 * The information provided herein should not be considered complete, nor a substitute for evaluation and treatment by a physician.

 ** Always consult your physician before starting or amending any type of therapy.

 Why Cold Core?

  1. The Cold Core Suit is the first wearable, full-body solution to muscle fatigue and inflammation.
  2. The patented Cold Core technology allows the suit to be cooled to near-frozen temperatures and worn without the risks associated with over-icing.
  3. The Cold Core Suit provides the benefits of an ice bath without the hassle or pain.
  4. The Cold Core Suit stays cold much longer than standard ice packs and treats major muscle groups at the same time.