"As a sports medicine physician, I knew I needed to address inflammation after every workout.  As an athlete, I knew I had to start taking recovery seriously if I wanted to be able to keep swimming at the national level... and keep breaking records.  The Cold Core Suit is exactly what I was looking for.  Swimming is a full-body sport and works almost every muscle.  I needed something I could use everyday that would treat all of my sore muscles at once.  The suit has definitely improved my ability to recover both when I am strong and after an injury. I recently dislocated my left knee. I used the Cold Core Suit religiously and, as a result, I was able to compete at Nationals this year and managed to win 5 golds. I know I would have not been able to do that without my Cold Core Suit."  

"A natural skeptic, I wasn't sure how much I would use my Cold Core Suit, but I can honestly say I'm hooked. The suit is a superior and easy way to apply cold, and now I'm using it after all of my tough workouts, which helps keep inflammation at a healthy minimum.  I've had a nagging right leg injury since playing soccer for Army and find that it feels better after wearing the pants.  I also love how easy and hassle free they are. I can move around and do things or use my computer/phone without worrying about them (or me) drowning in a bathtub.  As a physician, it will be neat to see all of the novel medical uses for this suit, as I'm sure there are many!"

​- Dr E. Stair

Recover to the Core - Do More.

Erin Stair, M.D., M.P.H.

- DR. R. Isakov

"I have been involved in sports since the age of 8years old. Throughout the years I have been competitive in multiple sports. At age 16, I specialized on the track in 100M and 200M sprints. For 3 years, I was unbeaten and the fastest sprinter in A Schools in my province as well as breaking multiple records. I then went on to run for my province and compete at National Champs with medals and top honors. I am currently focusing on biathlon and triathlon. Both of these sports have a huge demand on my body, especially with all the long training. Throughout my track career, I always used ice and heat therapy after training to help my body to recover. The problem was, it was always a pain to make the ice bath as well as the chances of getting infections from other people that were using the bath.

After finding the Cold Core Suit, it's unbelievable - I am icing between workouts and my performance is much better! I take my ColdCoreSuit with me to all my training venues.  At the end of the day, training is all about the rate of recovery - the quicker the body recovers the better you perform.  If you have not gotten a Cold Core Suit yet, I highly recommend one. You will never look back."

​- D. Krossynski

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The mobile, hassle-free ice ba​th.

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Cold Core Su​it

The mobile, hassle-free ice ba​th.

Dwayne Hurn 

  - SA National CrossFit Champ

  - Owner of CrossFit Box 1448


"This suit is a revolution!  Every athlete training and coaching at the intensity that I do needs to use ice for recovery.  This suit just makes life so easy and cuts preparation for recovery in half. No muss, no fuss!"

​                                            - D. Hurn

Darryn Anthony

- Olympic Weightlifter - 2008

Dean Krossynski

 - National and Provincial Track Record Holder

Cold Core Su​it

The Cold Core muscle recovery suit provides the benefits of cold therapy in a wearable suit.

The patented Cold Core Suit provides cryotherapy treatment more effectively than ice packs and 

more easily than ice baths.  Simply place the Cold Core jacket and pants or shorts in your freezer 

and wear after every workout to reduce inflammation, relieve muscle pain and boost recovery.

Cold Core Suits are helping athletes recover to the core and get back in the game... fast!  

Top-level athletes around the globe are using the Cold Core Suit to gain a competitive advantage.  

The benefits are being reported back by many athletes, including: runners, cyclists, dancers, 

swimmers, rugby players, CrossFit competitors, soccer players, triathletes, and golfers. 

Here is what a few of them have to say about their Cold Core Suits:

Rachelle Isakov, MD

​  - South African national record-holder for 7 swimming distances

  - Earned gold, silver and bronze medals at FINA World Championships

​  - Earned gold, silver and bronze medals at SA's National Masters 

  - Recipient of the Peter Pirow Cup Award for 400m IM (male or female)

"I have been training since the age of 14 years old to compete in Olympic Weightlifting for South Africa. Since my sport and passion is extremely demanding on the body, I have always found it rather difficult to sustain performance for long training cycles due to the difficulty of recovery and maintenance of the body.  I have been fortunate enough to be introduced to an amazing product that speeds up my recovery time. I have always been a firm believer in icing, more so on the ice bath, but this was never practical or a convenient solution.  With the Cold Core Suit, I am able to see the same benefits of ice bathing to drastically aid my recovery. This item is a definite for my performance and I highly advise and recommend it to anyone serious on performance, results and recovery."

-D. Anthony